2021 Chapter Members

Dolann Adams*

Patricia Adams*

Mia Akers

Nichole Allen

Misty Anderson

Michelle Banks-Ordone

Neikia Boggess

Vickie Brown*

Quiana Caldwell*

Katherine Castleberry

Ebone' Chatman*

Allison Chester

Latia Curry*

Frannie DeLoach*

Vernell Deslonde*

Jodie Duquesnay

Cornelia Edwards

Mesha Ellis*

Dionne Young Faulk

Timiesha Ford*

Brene' Ganther

Camille Granville*

Jessica Gholson

Jean Giggers

Karen Hamilton*

Adria Harris*

Tonya Harris*

Phyllis Hayes

Jessica Haymond*

Toni Henderson

Lynnae Jackson

Shonnie Jackson

Alexis Johnson

Sauda Johnson-McNeal

Nichelle Jordan

Paige Kavanaugh*

Tamia Kearney*

Erin King*

Tinisha Landry

Wandisa Landry*

Tangela Levinson

Paige Maisonet

Cynthia McGregory*

Tami Mims

Vera Moffett*

Tifara Monroe

Donia Moore*

Brittney Murray

Kim Newton*

Tina Pompey

Dominique Richards

Lisa Richardson*

Kyra Ridding

Candace Robinson

Nicolle Robinson*

Destinee Ross

Channa Scott

Tiffany Simms

Annette Story

Paisley Sutton*

Patrice Sweeney*

Andrea Thornton-Bolden

LaShonda Toston-Zeno*

Sonya Williams*

Stacey Whitehead

*not pictured

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Community Programs

Stacey Whiteheas

College Application Process/#CAP

(Target I) *Signature Program*

Kyra Johnson & Brittney Murray

HBCU for Life (Target I)

Phyllis Hayes


Women's Healthcare & Wellness (Target II)

Tangela Levinson


Building Your Economic Legacy (Target III)

Nicole Allen

The Arts (Target IV)

Andrea Thornton-Bolden

Global Impact (Target V)

Tinisha Landry


Alexis Johnson


Jessica Gholson

Connection/Political Action

Quiana Caldwell


Nichelle Jones


Andrea Thornton-Bolden

Public Relations

Tina Pompey

Sisterly Relations

Toni Henderson


Candace Robinson​


Brittney Murray & Tonya Harris

Ways & Means

Dionne Faulk


Jean Giggers

2021 Committee Chairpersons


Chapter Meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month (except July & August) at 9:30 a.m.

Meetings are held via Zoom during the quarantine

Refer to our Calendar for additional information

Please contact the Membership Committee

at least two days prior to the meeting

for credential validation and access